Welcome to the MG Car Club KwaZulu-Natal Centre


The Club was established in 1939 and holds the distinction of being the oldest MG car Club outside of the UK.  The inaugural meeting was held on the 27 March 1939 at which Les Miller was elected Chairman and Robbie Martins as Secretary.

Meetings are held each month with the aim of promoting the preservation and use of MG’s whilst enjoying the friendship of like thinking enthusiasts.  Technical advice is freely available from a number of experienced members.

One official run takes place mainly on the first Sunday of each month and takes the form of a social run or semi-competitive event.  This will include our annual Car Show Day where judging takes place.

On the third Tuesday there is a social run, referred to as a “RAF Run” for retired/semi-retired members to varying lunch venues.  (“RAF” stands for retired & free).

Our members own a variety of MG’s ranging from pre-war to the more recent MG’s.  A number of the MG’s are in pristine condition but the majority are used and driven by people purely for the enjoyment of driving an MG.

From time to time a weekend away or extended tour is organized.  Amongst these is our “National MG Indaba” where on a bi-annual basis one of the six South African MG Clubs gets to host the event on a rotational basis.

The members can be informed of specialist insurance brokers, members of committee, if required can be requested to carry  out assessments and evaluations as required.